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Magazine Cover Girl

Why I should be the cover Girl


I'm Christine also known as @Misscannabischris on I.G, YouTube & TheWeedtube as well. 

I am stepping away out of my comfort zone. I believe that you should pick me because I am living proof that no matter you have been through in your life as an adult or a child even as a teenager you can overcome everything that is thrown your way. Your past doesn't define you! I am so glad I found cannabis and if I hadn't I wouldn't be here typing this. Mental health is a crazy unpredictable thing which is why I am and have been raising awareness for it to let everyone know, others have been there, & have gone through it. I have gone through unthinkable, unimaginable things in my 30 years and your not alone.. cannabis is honestly a miracle plant and I plan to do best to empower those about the cannabis industry ❤❤ 

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