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Magazine Cover Girl

Why I should be the cover Girl

I would be honored to grace the cover or pages of, "It's Your Lifestyle Magazine". I'm Reggielove and the 420Nurses Upstate NY chapter prez. You can find me @reggielove420 and @420nursesuny on Instagram. I joined in 2017. Becoming one of the first chapters to hold it down in New York State, and on the east coast, to my knowledge. I strongly advocate for medicinal, 420Nurses, and the cannabis industry. I do have my medicinal card, as I try my best to live a handicappable lifestyle in the face of great adversity. I have a rare form of migraines, that took me from teaching in 2002. I also have a degree in psychology. I unfortunately, I also suffered a stroke 5yrs ago. Causing me to need to relearn how to walk, talk, and use my right arm again. I also have chronic nerve damage pain. I always tried to remain tenacious and positive throughout my challenges. For often it's not what we are dealing with but how we choose to contend with it that can make all the difference. I proudly will openly discuss my own experiences with medicinal in appropriate forums. Medicinal helps me deal with severe chronic pain, nausea, tremors at times, keeps some other stroke symptoms in check also, and promotes overall relaxation. Fun story, my first orgasm during sex, occurred the first time I tried that amazing plant, mary jane. So I definitely agree, it promotes a healthy sexual appetite too.

I try to wear my 420Nurses gear when I do get out. For example, I wore it to a local C-B-D store, when going to get seizure relief for my fur baby. From there I went to a local specialty smoke and glass shop in my area. In both instances I was able to open up dialogue, and also was able to inform them about the 420Nurses brand. Creating two good contacts. 

I began modeling when the suicide girls tattoo website recruited me to join as a model. I was flattered considering my health and age. I now boast over 40 hrs of tattoo work. One of which is a special *420Nurses tattoo. Each of my tattoos holds special meaning to me. After some deliberation, realizing what it could mean in my conservative family and area. I determined ultimately, that I was going to empower myself and had my first set hit in 2017. I just was honored to be ranked 4th in my division for the winner of Inkedmagcovergirl contest search 2019.

I discovered 420Nurses in 2017. At the time it seemed like not just a wonderful clothing line, brand concept, and opportunity. Most importantly, I welcomed the chance at joining a like minded sisterhood. That I felt was very accepting. Something I definitely was seeking in my life. One major goal is to open a boutique, incorporate *420Nurses gear as well as specialty glass! For anyone who follows me, they know I adore my specialty glass. It has been nice to help as a brand ambassador or brand influencer with a variety of lines. I like to help companies and empower others whenever possible. I do have amazing photos that I had done with the magazine in mind. It would be a great honor for this handicappable woman to be put into print. One of my goals since I started modeling. I also had a lovely write up done by a friend,  I've known since the age of 5. So hopefully those photos, that I worked so hard to pose for and pay for, don't go by the wayside. It would mean a great deal to me to be recognized by this sisterhood and honored with the opportunity to be included in the publication. I have modeled with 420pinups never wanting to give up and determined to reach that goal of a boutique. I feel being put into print will allow me better opportunities and recognition. Thank you for your time and consideration as I realize there are amazing women to choose from. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you're in the Albany, Saratoga, or Upstate NY area please reach out so we can link up. With great appreciation. Stay lifted and gifted! Reggielove/Reggielove420/420Nurses Upstate NY chapter prez ✌💗🦋

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