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Magazine Cover Girl 3RD

Why I should be the cover Girl

Hey y’all!! 

My name is Macy, also known as @bestbudskindoflove143 and or Kittenlovesalott 


I am entering and think I would be a good cover girl for the 420nurses 4th edition magazine is because when I put my mind to something I stick to it and make it happen, through out the last almost 2 years I have been a 420nurseintern, I have accomplished multiple goals since I have become a 420nurse, I have opened my own chapter and a glass delivery service with my husband, helped multiple families, advocated for others, I have learned how to love myself, have more confidence than ever, and over coming my fear of being on camera and that is only a few of my accomplishments since becoming a 420nurse.


I have always wanted to be a model but never was comfortable in my own skin, one of my goals I still haven’t accomplished yet however is being on the cover of the 420nurses magazine and it would mean the world to me to be able to be. 


I came into the 420nurses in hopes to find a friend, help the community, advocate, raise awareness, and to model. 


NOW I have all that, continue to raise awareness and help the community, and even more than that, I have 420 family and support - the 420nurses family and support - this community is about many amazing things but my favorite part is how supportive, creative, and loving 420nurses are to not only the 420community, but the community in general. 


I have worked hard and lived the lifestyle of a 420nurse LOUD and PROUD for about two years, and it may not seem like a long time but this is just the beginning in my 420nurses career/life. 


I hope to help bring awareness to the community about not only the pros of cannabis, but also the love and support this community is ðŸ™ðŸ’ 


I hope to help suppress society’s stereotypical views of and am an advocate for many things not limited to but including cannabis, LGBTQ+, sex workers, and entrepreneurs/freelancers!! 


Thank you for considering me as your 420nurses 4th edition magazine cover girl â¤ï¸

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