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Why I should be the cover Girl

Hellooooo , beautiful people !!!

My name is Q Q and you can find me on ig @Bakedqueen420. 😉  I joined the 420Nurses as in INTERN in Feb 2019, and when I say I'VE STALKED THE EVENTS AND MODELS FOR MONTHSS BEFORE I really have 😍 This brand and team are all over the WORLD  helping women to network together for each individual personalized industry  and hellz yeah I want to  market this brand EVERY DAY with everyone across the GLOBE. I'm all about PEACE LOVE AND JOY  💚 and I have found it in the 420Nurses 😲😈. I want my sexy milfs and my dear dear admirers to vote QUEEN STONER to be the next COVER GIRL 😛😗😍😋 #itsyourlifestylemagazineSUBMISSION

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