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Magazine Cover Girl 3RD

Why I should be the cover Girl

Hey I'm Tyra! A little about me, I'm a baker. Baking is my passion I'm most comfortable in a kitchen. I'm a big mental health advocate, especially for bipolar cause I suffer from type 2 bipolar. It's okay to not be okay and more people need to understand that. I'm very big on equality, love is love doesn't matter who it's with. Lately I've been trying to do more with my voice and speak about things that make people uncomfortable. That's probably the main reason I wanna be the cover model is because I am unapologeticly me. I wanna be a person to look up too cause when I was younger I never saw girls that were like me in magazines and it made me so self conscious but now I love my body and the skin I'm in and I'd love to make someone else feel like that. Doesn't matter if you have rolls or scars or your skin tone is different from others you are beautiful, everyone is beautiful in there own individual way. I would absolutely love to get to show my individualy in your cover. It would be a honor to by your cover girl and I'd truly love the opportunity. 

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