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Magazine Cover Girl 2ND

Why I should be the cover Girl

Well where do I begin? I Became a 420 Nurse on my 33rd Bday! (Dec. 30, 2018) I'm a mother of four and I paused my modeling so I could devote my time to my little blessings. I got lost in my motherhood for the past 16 years.... By February 2019 I had the State of Texas Child Protective Services knocking at my door... I have been Harrassed by them my entire motherhood all because of the beautiful plant I choose to medicate myself with.... yet when I was getting beaten by a man that I lusted over at one point before he started beating me they got called and the case was opened and closed! I have since been diagnosed with Complex PTSD, severe anxiety, and depression.... I have beat 11 cases against the CPS. Since I became an active advocate for cannabis I have two more active cases all within a month apart.... The CPS has wrongfully removed my children from my custody for me openly not giving a fuck about what others think about my cannabis use.... I feel I should be able to choose what suits my mental illnesses and lithium and seroquel isn't the way! CANNABIS ALL THE WAY! I'm walked away from my old chapter as I felt it necessary to stop advocating as the CPS pushed their will on me and used my children as bait to do as they say or else my motherhood was at stake! I had a mental breakdown and as I was sitting there in group therapy I had soo much support from strangers that just heard my story for the first time not even in full detail and they believed what I was doing was the right thing! I have lost my children since my ex husband put a restraining order on me from seeing my youngest two boys because I smoke cannabis, the state of Texas is pushing my younger sister to adopt my daughter legally... and my eldest son is in Arizona with his father. My entire world and family has been torn apart because of my advocacy, modeling, and use of Cannabis! Being the second covergirl of "It's Your Lifestyle" magazine would mean the world to me because it would show those who hated, spoke ill of me, put me down for being a pot head, how much I could give a fuck what they thought and how being a pot head brought me to become a 420 Nurses Intern/Published Model/ Advocate/Business Woman... I plan on going to Austin to Advocate for my Family, Beliefs, and the Decriminalization of Cannabis in Texas... This is only the beginning of the long battles I have ahead of me but I will win this War like true pot head spreading those one love vibes.... Love conquers all! Thank you my Beautiful 420 Nurses.... You all Rock!!!

Love Light and Peace always,

B. Rabbit

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