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Magazine Cover Girl 2ND

Why I should be the cover Girl

I think I would make a good candidate for this cover. I Like to think that I am a an example to my followers on my platforms when it comes to empowering people to pursue their goals in life. I am female who advocates for use of marijuana for health benefits. I empower my fan base by sharing some of my day to life and like to show people that some of the stigmas of marijuana can be proven to be just that stigmas. Women and men can use weed and still be successful, happy individuals. I like to encourage people to not give up and strive more in life. I am in the food industry for work, but on my personal time, i am an advocate for mental health, I encourage people to not be afraid of expressing themselves about their current situations and to let them know that mental health isn't something to be ashamed of, that you are in fact strong and you can get thru things. I would like to encourage people by sharing my story,my struggles, and to show people that no matter what happens, there's always a way to make way for ones happiness and success in life. 

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