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Magazine Cover Girl 2ND

Why I should be the cover Girl

Hey Voters ! 

First, thank you! 

Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to check out my entry! 

I’ll start I suppose by telling you a little about me. I was born in Utah but was never able to stay in one place. Having a family that moved around meant I had to learn to be very social to make friends moving into new school after new school. It wasn’t easy and I saw a lot of sadness and anger in kids, adults, honestly everyone. I noticed that was the one constant of any place. Everyone was always so focused on the things they couldn’t control and the things they’d do wrong (myself included a lot of the time). I’ve dealt with boys, girls, men, and women. And we’re all searching for the same thing, in different forms. Happiness. 

The world is so hard on its own, we don’t need people in it going out of their way to make it harder. I believe that peace, love, and positivity are all factors into living a healthier life. Cannabis has helped me get to a better place of self love, peace of mind, and positivity in my life. I suppose what I’d like to get out of being cover girl is a bigger audience to spread the positivity the world needs in my opinion, even if it’s little bits at a time, and to be the comfort that some people don’t get because I know what it’s like feeling as if there’s no reason to smile. 

Thank you again  for taking the time to read this, 

Stay High While The World Is Low,

Lots Of Love, 


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