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Magazine Cover Girl 2ND

Why I should be the cover Girl

Hiya 420 community! I’m Adorn Suicide 🖤 I’m an active hairstylist/supervising cosmetologist, alternative model, and cannabis patient from NM 🌶 I also love to immerse myself with other mediums of art besides hair and photography; paint, writing, pottery. I have a lot on my plate usually! I like it that way☺️🍽 (metaphorically and literally🍲😂)  I also deal with depression, social anxiety, and PTSD; Miss Mary Jane helps me continue to be a high functioning individual all the while keeping my mind open and my soul at peace through all my hobbies and passions that I love to be involved in regularly( on the contrary to what some might perceive MJ as) 💫

So I advocate so hard to Help the movement of normalization of medical cannabis ;✨ and that’s why I’m here!! ☺️ to share this love and passion I have with likeminded individuals 🌱💚 I've promoted for 420 nurses freelance but I would LOVE to become an official 420 nurse intern and it would be an honor to be selected as the cover girl for It’s Your Lifestyle Magazine 🥰  

Thank you for reading all that ☺️ Have a beautiful day and take a toke for me!!✨💨💫

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