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Magazine Cover Girl 2ND

Why I should be the cover Girl

Hi everyone! My name is Sara Quinette Jacobs. I'm a 27 year old single mom. What I do with my life right now is working as a Lead Barista at Starbucks inside of a casino in Reno, NV. My son is 6 years old and means the world to me. I have ran for Maxim Magazine cover photo contest and landed in 12th place in the finals. I was so excited and I told myself I wouldn't stop there. I'm a huge cannabis lover and I have a story to tell and a message for the world to hear. I am NOT a 420 Nurses intern as of right now but I do have plans for it in the making. I have been smoking cannabis since I was 13 when I took my very first hit with my grandmother inside the garage at my mom's place. I know I should be your next cover girl because I know this would be an opportunity to change mine and my son's life in the best way possible because I do have big plans in life and I'm always looking at the bigger picture. Also love is my drive for everything I do in my life as well as it being part of my message to the world, the love for marijuana and how it's saved my life many of times.

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