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Magazine Cover Girl 2ND

Why I should be the cover Girl

Hi my name is Tonya Narzinsky. I promote a positive and holistic lifestyle full of self expression and being true to ourselves. I have a degree in Psychology and use it to help others along with myself. I love all aspects of, modeling, painting, music, etc. I have struggled with anxiety and depression (previously) myself and I strive to better my life and help others. C-B-D and lovely Mary have helped me through every day life for years. I believe in trying to find natural remedies for self-medication purposes. I would love to have this opportunity and to become an intern for 420 nurses as well as being on the cover would be AMAZING!  I want to further my connections with people who are similar to me and I love networking across the country with amazing people. I’m a dance choreographer and brand/promo model. I would love to be a 420 nurse here in St. Petersburg, FL. 

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