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So Saturday (I know I'm super slacking, I ended up having a much needed surprise day off all my jobs on Sunday), we had our first North Bay 420 Nurses meeting!
A few local girls I've been talking to came, @Miss Mary Mary and Wonder.Woman420 (soon to have her profile up and running!), and I tried to give them information and answer questions for them, I even shot a little mini set for one of the girls!
Miss @Kyttin_Lyttle also got her intern kit over the weekend, and is the first offical intern I've recruited for the North Bay Chapter! (and first recruit in general to purchase a kit! Yay!).
Be sure to go show her mad love, and give her a warm welcome to the family!
I'll be meeting with her and @Toke_a_bella tomorrow since they couldn't make the meeting, and we'll be getting Toke_a_bella set up with her kit as well!
I'm so excited to have these ladies as stoked as I am on the oppertunities we can take advantage of in our area through 420 Nurses, and I really think we're going to be kickin' ass and takin' names (DAMNIT!), so keep an eye on this group!
All my commission sales from their kit purchases are going towards our chapter kit, as well as anything else I'm making on my personal website so we'll be an offical chapter ASAP!
All of us are so excited to start planning mroe events, friday night sesh's, and networking locally! Between all of our skills, and connects I see huge possibilities!
The best part!? @Toke_a_bella and I have birthdays coming up in April, the week before 420! I hope to plan a fat camp out for all us ladies, any supporters or possible interns, and friends to join in and smoke up to help us celebrate with us, or possibly even a trip down south to visit and meet everyone else in the community!
I'm just beyond excited to see all these good things working out, I've been working my little tushie off and being able to answer their questions and really help made it all feel so worth it.
Thank you also to Cha Cha, Summer, and Tokahontas for being insanely helpful when i call the headquarters, somtimes a few times a day haha, with endless questions and needing help. Y'all are amazing and so patient with me, thank you for all your help!
Much love everyone, hope all this great energy I've been feeling is making it back to the universe and y'all have a fantastic week!
Stay celestial, and remember to be a fungi!
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