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OMG I had a blast. There were SOOO many good vendors there. And of course we had the #420Nurses there repping in the gear. It was nice to see the ladies out that way. There was a great attendance of patients at the event. You could literally just walk the whole circuit of the event getting edible samples and be high by the time you walk out. SOO much fun. AND I got to personally meet, the CALIGOLD company who acknowledged me for my work with them at the PAD and who hooked me up with a chocolate bar and brand new tshirt. If I keep working at my pace and using my charm and grace, I MAAAAY get sponsored this year. WE SHALL SEE! :-D Anyhow if you think you missed out, you did but NO worries because the same people will be holding a BBQ edible event in the next few months so hold tight for that! Hope all is well!


Smoking Sista
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