on May 22, 2020 7 views

Whats your theme today? 
Mine is The Workin Mom. Bright pink tee, jeans, kicks and my 420nurses mask!! :p
I wear my 420nursesmask most of the day to cover my face while outdoors landscaping -- mostly mowing grass for hours with the wind. It helps keep my lips from getting wind burn and all the grass and debris away. I Love My 420nurses Mask. Im so glad I bought two.. One for work and one for going out in public. 
We can hope this virus will come to a halt some time soon but I think wearing a mask out in public will be a suggestion for a while after. I highly recommend you to purchase atleast one 420nurses mask! They are breathable & washable. They also have a nice price for the quality of material. You wont be disappointed, I promise.