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by on May 4, 2018
Can't tell you guys enough what cannabis has done for me! I don't know thought to be worried or concerned when my friends that know me well say "if you weren't high i'd be worried". Makes sense to me though! I'm super ADHD and hyperactive but also have PTSD. Whenever i get angry or raged i hit my pen.... moments later i'm calmed and chill. Know somebody who's like that? get them to vape! PMS problem solver on the go!
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by on May 2, 2018
Hi everyone, I just wanted to come in and say something about how cannabis has helped with my medical conditions (physical & mental). I've been diagnosed for awhile now with severe PTSD & Major Depression, it's something i've always knew about but never had it official. I started using cannabis at the age of 16, rather young. Not saying it's okay or I support it. But at the time I had no access to pharma and doctors. Moving on to my adult years, I decided to take the advice of my doctor. My bigg...
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by on April 9, 2018
Hi everyone, I'm Trisha Tokes, Thank you for welcoming me into the world of 420 nurses. I love smoking weed, I gave up 15 prescription medications for a joint to handle my health. I have severe PTSD & Major Depression and cannabis has helped me so much to where I don't notice my conditions. I also have severe stomach issues that cannabis has helped me cope with and live with. I love rolling joints, and if anyone wants to learn I'm happy to teach you. I'm all about community and spreading the lo...
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