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Female Lives in Penrose, Colorado, United States Born on October 23
by on December 12, 2018
Y'all. I have been doing so good. The past year was hell healing and recovering from so many traumas in my life. I have a new outlook on life, a positive attitude, and I'm finally confident and motivated. I'm finally moved into my house and I've been feeling the Christmas spirit lately too. That's why I'm hosting a Clothing Swap/Sesh! I thought it'd be so fun to have the element of giving as well as bring a bunch of canna-babes together in the name of love and positivity. With the help of 42...
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by on November 28, 2018
Earlier this week I was able to go to an appointment at the Colorado Medical Enforcement Division office to get my support badge! I don't know how other states work but in Colorado you would need a support license to work within the medical marijuana field. I finally buckled down, waited, and got one! I've already printed out 6 copies of my resume and I'm so excited to start applying to places. I would love to be someones favorite budtender. I can't wait to share with the public my knowledge an...
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by on October 16, 2018
How's everyones week so far!? Mine has been cold n snowy as heck so I've been inside staying cozy n warm. I've definitely been feeling more creative indoors and have been trying to paint again! I really can't wait to be finished with a few rolling trays! I hope I can share those as they're done. I'd love to get feedback too! I love making art (in all aspects), it's all I want to do with my life. I currently have an Etsy shop where I share my natural and handmade crystal jewelry and functi...
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by on September 27, 2018
First off, I love this family so much! I am so happy to be a part of a place of positivity and motivation. Here I feel the freedom to be me, with support. I love the journey I have started here and I get more excited about the future as each day passes. I've already met so many wonderful people and continue to connect with new people and organizations every day. Thank you all so much you're all super amazing. :) Lately I've been working hard on promoting my art/art shop. I love painting an...
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by on August 28, 2018
First off I'm super excited to be apart of 420Nurses. I think this is a wonderful platform and full of opportunity if you are determined and motivated. Being that I am, I have been having such a blast here already. I'd really like to do some big things here. My first goal is becoming an official intern. With all the experience going to events, reviewing businesses, and blogging, I'd feel like then I would have the tools and skills to do bigger and better things. I am also looking into, in the...
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by on August 20, 2018
My name is Caroline and I'm here to network, make friends, and successfully find a lucrative "green" career. I'm super excited to meet a bunch of positive people online and in person. I'd like to build the Colorado Springs chapter if I can because I'd love to be able meet up with nurses down in my region of Colorado! <3I am an artist by trade, along with being a tech nerd. I not only model cannabis but I grow cannabis myself! I deeply love this plant with a burning passion. It's been there witho...
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