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Female 25 years old
by on December 11, 2018
I’ve done three reviews so far. Just 5 left :) I’m very proud of myself because I act like such a scaredy-cat 99% of the time but I’ve been able to over come those feelings and come out of my shell more. I love that more nurses and vendors are starting to recognize me. I’m finally starting to make a lot more friends and relationships within the industry which is awesome. Im bummed out i won’t be in Cali for this months meet up. that’s okay tho i have the next meeting
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by on December 3, 2018
Last Friday 11/30/2018 I gave my first 5 start review. I decided to give it to puffweiser. I have never once been given bad service and I’m always served FAT dabs. One of the few things I really enjoy is talking to people who know what they’re talking about! The girl squad at this booth always knows about the strains and always gives great recommendations. All in all they always give me great vibes! This was a big step for me because my anxiety doesnt always allow me to talk to just anybody. I g...
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by on November 28, 2018
When I decided to get my intern kit I was what some would call in a manic state. I was barely getting diagnosed for my disorders and without thinking decided to quit my full time job. Because of this my journey as an intern was slowed down immensely. Fast forward to 3 months later and I’m finally starting to pick up on lots of things. I’ve talked to a lot more nurses and started to create friendships
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by on August 24, 2018
Friday has always been my favorite day of the week. But lately it’s been my safe space. It’s the one place where no one from my home town knows me. I can let go of all my stresses and enjoy amazing people and vibes. Sometimes things can be hard and I get so lost but I see all the nurses and interns and I realize life will always have it’s bumps but it’s important to keep going. I decided to become an intern to have a positive outlet and keep positivity in the air for me. So far things are great ...
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by on August 15, 2018
Hello all! My name is Selena. I just joined the network and i am so excited!! I’m 23 years old living in East Los Angeles. I have some experience in several areas as far as cannabis goes. I have budtend before as well as finish the dispensary set up. I have packaged edibles as well as Kief and hash. And i can also do some trimming. These experiences along with all my amazing customer service experience is in hopes to educate as well as be educated in this amazing community! I hope to hear from a...
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