Female 33 years old
by on March 17, 2017
Well it feels great to be back active i recently had a bundle of joy baby girl on the 17th of febuary who was 2 months early n its been a roller coaster now things are calming down n i can do some things n im excited i have new gear cumin n im so happy can not wait for my photo shootn can not wait to wear my gear n look natural n beautiful well its such a great feeling one love
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by on February 6, 2017
This weekend was so amazin and fun being around friendly nice peeeps and most of all the super bowl was amazing and i won that bet i knew it was for me lol just staying positive and smiling keeping my head high and now its moody monday and it dont know if it wants to rain or not im off work and gonna relax and get some reat after a fun nice weekend with chill peeps one love
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by on December 6, 2016
I live December so much its a cuddle and family and turn your fire place on type of weather so nice and beautiful because you see lights and decorations and its christmas time i love it its begining to look alot like christmas love how my tree and lights inside and outside my house looks so pretty everyone enjoy this month and enjoy the holiday and new year we will be bringing in
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by on November 5, 2016
Im so thankful to be alive and have a wonderful family im thankful for all the positive things happening in life i just love how positive people attach to me. And we grow and have a nice life iam so thankful for a wonderful 420 nurse chapter a wonderful chapter leader shesowaxy and just thankful to have a wonderful home after being apart of a fire im thankful most of all for my daughter she is so amazing wakes me up with a smile everyday i love my family and who i allow in my life live life and...
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by on October 26, 2016
Life is just an amazing thang lol life comes in so many ways but i know one thing we only get to live once so cherish your life smile stay positive do fun things have great memories fall in love with a individual or cannabis lol medicate only smoke clean meds dont let nth make u mad smoke a blunt or take a dab i am enjoying life the people i allow in my life i love like family stay positive and smile cause it feels so good block all negitive from people and things smile smile smile i did all thi...
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by on October 24, 2016
Happy moody monday stay medicated feel great today me and my little fam gonna do movie night we are going to go see Boo Madea Halloween and im so ready its gonna be funny i bet and today is such a beauty day a natural day say rain i dont see none hear gonna go sit by the water while my hubby enjoy his margarita then order are tickets and enjoy the night so yall remember its moody monday smile and enjoy the fresh breeze one love
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by on October 4, 2016
Man i swear im so happy im having a baby but i really miss events and doing stuff with my san Diego 420 nurse chapter and hanging out seshing i just can not wait to be all the way active like i was i miss it so much but hey i know it will be a whole lot fun when i do come back next year im still a 420 nurse and apart of my sd chapter but know that im bear even if you need anything
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by on August 27, 2016
I love 420 nurses and what it has to offer love how im growing in the cannabis community n what it has to offer love what i do n How i do it stay positive and drama free
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by on August 5, 2016
I love how iam growing and im juss doin me love being a 420 nurse but dont like no fake shit though really like we all adults have peace and love i love peace
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by on July 19, 2016
Such a better understanding and more comfortable feel. So much better we are growing sister's in the San Diego 420 nurse chapter we grow togeather all for the cannabis community and patients just love the while definition of 420 nurse's now such a great feeling I just did not understand cause women we're against each other and trying to compete against each other when in reality we need to work togeather not against each other I love the way we bond and we look at each other like family so Just ...
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by on July 10, 2016
My dad is very sick and On life support he. Has stage four brain cancer and very. Sick I don't know I. Just lost my aunt and I'm just very. Hurt my best friend my everything my father I love you dad please pull threw
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by on July 5, 2016
You should understand that 420 nurse's is a company a business with other women and we need to grow together not against each other I was tested today and stayed calm and at peace love my self I'm all for growing with all y'all one love just have to say we should love each other and respect each other not talk mean on each other insta gram or be evil and make intern feel uncomfortable this is not middle it high school this is a carrier you can Become somebody have love not hate ijs
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