on September 28, 2021
Currently, when I order cannabis I order from Smoakland. They deliver within the time frame and their prices are affordable. They always have great deals and they have something for almost anyone looking for cannabis.
Orange Tree
Hybrid 60% Indica 40% Sativa (Some say it's 50/50)
Cross between 24K Gold & Orange Valley OG
THC: 21.04% C-B-D: 0.0% Total: 24.82%
Smell: Citrus & Earthy.
Almost smells like an orange tree
Appearance: Dense, Light Green, Orange Hairs, Dewy Crystals
Breaks down easily in a grinder. Tastes like a cross between an orange gummy and orange peels when you dry puff to get the actual taste of the cannabis. When you smoke you get earthy flavors lingering in your mouth with a hint of fruity orange like when you suck the juices from an orange slice then eat the meaty part. It's like the meaty parts. I felt it communicating with my cerebral instantly. It relaxed the tension in my face. I felt it attack the tense energy around my eyes. I was easily able to relieve tension in my neck and felt my shoulders relax. All after one good hit of my element cone rolled joint, I let the hit sit for a bit and almost instant hunger joins the party. I take a few more hits and put it out. I feel my body saying it's medicated and ready to start the day. Ready for some breakfast and yoga sounds lovely. Overall great "Wake & Bake". Good to smoke throughout the day, a go to if your appetite is low, and great for migrains.
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