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by on May 6, 2017
Hey guys! So as some know I work as an entertainer at a strip club, and lately we've been talking about having a super fun cool cannabis event at our club... it's just getting started and I'm super excited about it ! I finally get to shine and help with something else I love and adore soo much! Weed! It's gonna be a fun fun crazy good event. Wax, flower, drinks, edibles you name it. We're in the works of figuring our permits and what not ! So before I create a casting call to see if I can get so...
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by on April 27, 2017
Today was my first chapter meeting ! And wow ! It was a lot of fun! It's amazing to know there's so many other girls out there doing the same things I am and so into cannabis as I am also! It truly feels like a family at 420 Nurses and I'm excited to be apart of it!
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