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What each User Type Means


Fans are members that have signed up to the site and just are there to admire the beautiful models. Some fans are also business owners and might have a business listing or banner.


Patients are models that have been verified and are interested in becoming a 420nurse. They are preparing their profile by getting more fans to their page and promoting there name.


Photographers are people that want to be part of the 420nurses and have either taken pictures of 420nurses or are involved in the 420 industry as photographers. This also includes Flim and digital video film.


Interns are models that have purchased there intern kit and are very serious about becoming a 420nurses.

Official Interns

Official Interns are interns that have been voted by official 420nurses to prepare them to become 420nurses.  They are exceptional models and they have a huge following of fans.

420nurse Official

420nurses Official are Official interns that have proven to have all the qualities that come with being an official 420nurse.  They have a huge following of fans and interns. Official 420nurses have other benefits that are discussed when you become an Official Intern. 

420nurse Associate - 420nurse Model - 420nurse  Partner -  420nurse

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