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420Nurses - Advertising : Modeling : Networking helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

The first step to become a 420nurses is to sign up to  In order to move up in any system or in life you must go through stages. The speed of how you move up is not determined by us but yourself. If you’re a motivated individual that can stay positive when all odds are against you then you are already one step closer into moving up. To move up in ranks in the 420nurses you do not have to live in LA, California. You can live anywhere in the world, all that is required is passion, dedication and the love for 420nurses lifestyle.

The more fans you have the easier it is for us to show businesses how active you are and how much your name is worth. Having Fans and a loyal following is powerful. When starting out this should be a priority. See how to get fans

How to become a 420nurse?  These are the Steps.

FAN-> when you first Sign up you become a FAN Automatically.
Patient -> after we verify you we may request more information, and then we upgrade you to a patient.
Intern -> after you purchase your intern kit you become an intern.
Group Leader - > See Link
Official Intern -> once we see how active you are and we see the community interested in you (Lots OF FAN! and VIEWS!).  We promote you to become an official Intern.
Chapter Leader - > See Link
420nurse Official -> Priority over events, planning and decision making for girls in the 420nurses community. Priority pick and distribution of work from businesses wanting to hire 420nurses.
420nurse Associate -> Non model that has shown dedication and is part of our team with most benefits of an official 420nurse.
420nurse Model -> This title is the 3rd  to the highest rank. Official Paid Model for company promotions and part of our traveling team (Requires Lots of Fans).
420nurse Partner -> This title requires that you have or are running a successful chapter that has become an official 420nurses Franchise (TBA).
420nurse -> this is our highest rank. Details of this are given to only Official 420nurses, Associates or Models.