Sunday, November 22, 2020 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Zion, IL, USA

Pick.Winners | Win.Prizes

Location: Heathen Hideaway | Zion, IL
(Message one of the Hosts for the exact address if you don't know it)


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This is your opportunity to smoke with the 420Nurses Chicagoland Heathens Chapter and watch some top notch wrestling! We will be providing food, THC, drinks and entertainment as well as gifts/giveaways. Stay tuned for ways to get FREE GIFTS and check out our menu below.


+Survivor Series Viewing Party+     (5pm Kickoff Show to 10pm)
Pick.Winners | Win.Prizes
Here is your chance to be part of the fun, the Women and Men from Smackdown & RAW collide in two seperate Elimination Tag Matches, YOU our supporter tells one of our Chapter Nurses which side you are on, Team Smackdown or Team RAW, for each of the Elimination Tag Matches, you then will be given 2 Wristbands to signify your choices, If your team wins the match, YOU WIN A PRIZE! So, if you pick correctly twice, you WIN TWO PRIZES! Don't worry if you pick wrong both times, and your teams don't win, we won't let anyone walk away empty handed. (Must be present to claim Prizes)


We will be selling raffle tix at $2 a piece or 3tix for $5, you can buy unlimited amounts but remeber you must be present to win, the drawings will take place at the end of the Survivor Series PPV. You must be present to claim your prize. We will have two drawings.
---Prizes: Smoking Accessory worth $35
---------- 420Nurses Merch Item worth up to $35


+SMOKE SESH CIRCLES+ (all night)
Bring your buds and come match as we lite up your night with a chill atmosphere and chill music with a separate PPV viewing area for those who would like to catch any of the matches.


+Merch Area+
Check out our display of Merchandise, each purchase comes with a FREE GIFT! If you don't see what you want at the table, we will have the online store available for you to look at and browse! HIGHED will be our exclusive additional vendor for the evening, supporting both our LA and Chicagoland chapters!




Food Items:
Pulled Pork Sandwiches w/ Potato Salad

Alcoholic- Miller HighLife | Twisted Tea
NonAlcoholic- Faygo | Tea | Lemonade




Concentrate: TBA
Flower: TBA
Edibles: TBA Cookies

(Contact a Host for any questions)

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