Friday, November 20, 2020 2:57 pm
Private Location Boulder,, CO

With the new normal of daily masks, hand sanitizers, and precautionary wellness, H2C is here to SUPPORT YOU by bringing on some of the TOP C-B-D Beauty Care Industry professionals to educate and ELEVATE your daily routines!


Join H2C Founder, and host, Sailene Ossman, as she interviews Janice Hardoon, founder of Elevate C-B-D, a top C-B-D Beauty line along with L.A. based esthetician, Juliana Freidman, to discuss all the top tips and tricks of 2020 beauty, and how to support our new world in wellness & STYLE!


As always, H2C virtual events are FREE and open to all, and we ALWAYS have GIVEAWAYS! So sharing is caring <3. Bring all your friends, neighbors, and besties to this fun and educational event, and leave with a whole new wellness normal, with H2C!

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