Monday, August 24, 2015 12:00 am - Sunday, August 30, 2015 9:18 am
Moonbeam, Ontario Canada, Canada
The goal is to start easy like every year (Thursday). Music still undecided for Thursday...we want to attract older folks who desire older danceable maybe. Beatles. Beach Boys. Jimmy buffet... style / era music.
Friday were gonna rock a little harder with a magnificent tribute to RUSH ... New World Men from Montreal.
Saturday we gonna rock a lot harder , with the Renegades of FUNK ,a Rage Against The Machine Tribute to set the mood for our Main Event ... Misery The Metallica Experience.
Raves are planned for Thursday night. Friday night and Saturday night...
We are still looking for some Dj's and Vdj's for the nights mentioned above.
It is to mention that our artist line up for 2015 so far can all speak French.
We are also looking for artists that have art that can be hung on walls
the spaces are free just message me if you need space to exhibit your art
Yes you can sell them yes yes.
We want to cover all the white walls in the hall with your art stuff.

Hemp Festival Du chamvre

New World Men

Renegades of Funk


More to come ...
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Angela Asphyxia
I wish I could make it!
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Laurie Canadian420
Me 2 .... I went last year but because it moved to a new location and the town was against hempfest being there, well lets say there wasn't much ppl, but what I hear I think its going to be a good year and a lot of fun.
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