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420 Day 2015 in San Francisco
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2017-04-20 Time
Thursday, April 20, 2017 8:09 pm - 11:09 pm
San Francisco
United States
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In the early 1970s in California, a group of San Rafael High School students known as the “Waldos,” for their hangout spot – a wall outside of the school grounds – coined the term “420.” Every day at 4:20pm, the Waldos met to smoke pot, referring to their late afternoon toke as 420, but never envisioned the code word becoming a worldwide phenomenon.
Today, hundreds of thousands of stoners across the globe celebrate April 20th as a cannabis Christmas. In the United States, 420 Day San Francisco throws a party unlike any other festival in the world, just 20 miles away from the Waldos’ old hangout.
420 Day San Francisco boasts a slew of 420 Day parties like 420 Celebration on Hippie Hill. Located in Golden Gate Park, Hippie Hill provides potheads with scenic and psychedelic views while offering them a chance to sit in drum circles and let the wind blow through their hair.
More active reefer regulars blaze trails to 420 Day celebrations like San Jose HempCon, arguably America’s largest medical marijuana show. Other smoky 420 Day events include WOMP Island 420 Music Festival, where crowds burn doobies and sway to chill funk, hip-hop, and rap music.
Come 420 Day, the most fitting way to honor the innovative high school students from San Rafael is to smoke up, down, and all around San Francisco.
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