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Female Lives in Los Angeles, United States Born on October 11
by on August 3, 2016
Oh boy how excited I am to how far I've come. I absolutely love 420Nurses and i cant wait to become an Official Intern. I love going to events and getting all those reviews out there as well as being able to self promote myself as well as 420Nurses. I've been able to network with so many different companies and land gigs. I really want to just encourage all you girls to keep striving for your dreams!!!! Im pretty close to reaching the Official Status and i will keep you updated on how I'm doing.
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by on July 18, 2016
Oh man oh man where to begin with this adventure! Well to start it off I woke up at 3 am just to get to Summer and Chachas house which was crazy I wasn't dead tired by the time we arrived at chalice. The drive was good we got stoned along the way like always. we finally arrived at the fairgrounds where the event was being held and we started to set up our booth!! It was so hot, windy, and so so dirty. Me and the girls defiantly stuck it out though and took it like straight g's with our sunglass...
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by on July 2, 2016
I'm normally a very happy person. I do suffer from ADHD and depression. Which is why I try to keep myself smiling. But when I worked really hard on trying to get in with a company and someone you know just rips it out from underneath you, it hurts. I do nothing but try and try and it never seems to get me anywhere.. I get I'm nothing special and I'm not famous or anything but I'm making an effort to get out there and help the cannabis community. These past few days have been rough and I have to ...
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by on June 30, 2016
So my very first bus cup was on the 26th of June and I've got to say I thrived that day! And it was all thanks to Green mnm for getting me there and back. Thank you so much gorgeous it was such an honor to go with you. We then saw the one and only lovely Tess it was great seeing you again and I can't wait to experience more events with you. As well we saw one of our 420nurse photographers Alanna which was awesome! Thank you for getting some great shots of us girls and taking us to in and out whe...
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by on June 14, 2016
Okay so as most of you know chalice is right around the corner! I would love to go to chalice because I want to spread the love and good vibes around. I want to promote and do more networking to get out there more! I think this would be a great opportunity for me to show the cannabis community that women in general can make a difference! As many of the 420 nurses know. Cannabis events are very new to me, I've only been to a few so far and I think chalice would be one of the bigger eye openers to...
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by on June 7, 2016
Wow where to start with this one! Well we started at HQ and headed out to Vegas! We were on the road for quite awhile and we dabbed the whole way there! Once we arrived at lady loves house and must I say thank you so much for opening up your house to us! It was beautiful and I'm so grateful! We got situated and had a bedtime smoke out. The next morning being the morning of Hempfest we awoke very early to get ready! Once we were ready we headed out but first of course we had to stop for some brea...
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by on May 31, 2016
Compassesh 5/28/16 was lit!! I got to enjoy it with Miss Boba Kush. We got there and got our wristbands and we started the night. We hit petty much all of the booths and i got to meet a couple of very unique extractors and edible makers. Took so many dabs it was great. I also had to coup up the strawberry banana split clear and purple cookies pie shatter/sugar by California Extracts. They did a raffle and there was live music going the whole event. Ate some bomb medicated food and met a few new ...
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by on May 31, 2016
Okay! So this is my blog about my first time ever meeting any of the 420 Nurses and being able to go on an amazing camping trip with them as well. Well Ill try to keep this short and sweet and to the point. First off i want to thank each and every girl who went and for welcoming me with such love. Thank you Summer, Chacha, Green Mnm, Miss Bobakush,420 Lemonade, Peanut, Kookie, Noodle, Nicole, Choon. All us 420Nusres packed our stuff and were on the road, we smoked and munched away. Anyway we fou...
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by on May 25, 2016
To me, being a 420 nurse has shown me to come out of my shell and let's me be who I really am. I love that it allows me to promote cannabis in a positive way and helps educate people on a plant that has so many powerful healing ways than all those medications doctors prescribe out. It also tree intrigues me that all these beautiful girls can meet up and be a family, where they can feel like they have people there. That's all that should be spread in this world. LOVE! Anyways I want to thank all...
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by on May 23, 2016
Hello everyone. Never really did a blog before. Well yesterday was my very first cannabis event and I'm really happy to say it was at Blacklist sesh. There was so much love from everyone there. It was truly an amazing experience. To all my 420 nurses, it was great seeing you and making memories. Can't wait to make more and have some amazing times. Thank you for the amazing experience.
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