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Magazine Cover Girl

Why I should be the cover Girl


 Hi everyone! I’m Stoner Princess and I’ve been with the 420 Nurses for 2 years now and I’m so appreciative of every opportunity being apart of this amazing company has given me thus far. 


    A little bit about me and my experience with this amazing brand I now call family.    I started in June of 2017 and was first welcomed in by the Sin City chapter of Las Vegas! Not long after I switched to the Las Vegas High Rollers and they welcomed me with open arms! I was even our chapters Intern Recruiter and Social Media Marketer, until I had to take a step down to focus on family life. My chapter is amazing and has provided me with many opportunities, such as possibilities of networking with many other companies and event workers and setting up chapter photoshoots (one of which was published in the first edition of the magazine!) Don’t get me wrong though, this stoner has done a lot for herself! ;) I’ve worked with many of these said companies and events and gradually am making my way up higher and higher. I’m a brand ambassador for Bedrockdabbers, Swaggearvip, Infamousglass, and many other companies! I also make sure that all my photoshoots are very professional as well as organized (and I hope that shows!) I have had the great opportunity of meeting many many nurses from all around and I plan on continuing to meet more beautiful cannabis advocates!


  I think the next cover girl model for the 420Nurses Lifestyle magazine should be someone that respresents leadership in everyday life as well as representing the 420Nurses name appropriately. I believe she should not only smoke cannabis, but help teach and spread the word of its amazing benefits. The cover girl should always speak positively of the brand with a smile, treat her other nurses with kindness, and know how to face a blunt or take a half gram dab !! I think I’m the perfect representation of that, and I hope you think so too! ~ Stay Lifted! ~

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