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Magazine Cover Girl

Why I should be the cover Girl

Hi everyone I hope you're having a lifted day I'm very excited to be in the contest to get a chance at being the cover for 20 nurses it's an honor all the ladies are gorgeous and beautiful love them all I was recently and they inked contest for cover didn't win but I placed very well and for420 nurses are close to my heart because I'm a cancer patient and a vet  An organization is about women empowerment and beauty and cannabis and you know getting the facts out there and helping and caring about people and I love that because think about it that's what a nurse does so now for me let's say I'm outgoing and funny I'm sassy I'm sexy I'm sultry I'm a little redheaded green eyed 3.6 feet of legs retired showgirl. I'm 'also a rockerchic 

I'm a retired from crazy girls and from jubilee I believe age is just a number so there's no reason I can't do this and you know what if there's not a party when I get there the party starts, when I arrive  everybody's my friend stay lifted hydrate and medicaid

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