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Why I should be the cover Girl

Hi there, my name is Kushy @misskushprincess on Instagram. Being a young cannabis activist is never an easy task. Many may look at me and think to themselves, Activist... really?!!! All this girl wants to do is get high. Well, Not exactly. I want to be lifted. All my life I had to deal with so many struggles. Not being raised by my birth mother and facing all the challenges life decided to throw my way since that have built me into the the strong empowering woman I am now. I do note my flaws, I am my worst critic. But I strive every day to be a better person and advocate for the one thing that has helped me through it all. Cannabis. I like to heal myself. From all the hurt and pain I dealt with. And help others embrace the belief that though cannabis may not be the cure all, it is what has helped me any many others who are like minded and have a story to tell behind cannabis like the one I tell you today. My experience may not be as savvy as that one who has been around since the 70s, but I embrace all cannabis has done for me and empower Others with knowledge of what I know to show others what cannabis has done for me and how cannabis can help them and others. My name is Kushy and this is me :D thank you for the support

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