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Magazine Cover Girl

Why I should be the cover Girl

Hey there! 💕

I’m Ruby, also known as @weedwoadie_ !! 💚🌿

I’m 23 and from Australia, I’ve been a 420nurse for almost a year now and I’m currently trying to spread 420nurses over Australia so we can put the positive stigma around cannabis just as our laws are changing to allow canna!! 

I love indica!! My favourite strain currently is Atomic Kush 😍💕 I love heavy stoned strains, I smoke for anxiety and various other disorders. #PharmaFree

I bake edibles, my favourite goodies to make are mini canna infused cheesecakes and canna infused doughnuts! I’d love to make a little business out of it one day when the laws change here 🥰🌿

I’ve learnt so much about cannabis while being a 420nurse, I’d just love to spread positive canna vibes in the Down Under 💕🌿


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