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Magazine Cover Girl 3RD

Why I should be the cover Girl

Hi there! I'm Quarter Sack, but you can call me Kay if you want. I'm from a very small mountain town a bit north of Los Angeles, but I've been here for about two years now. Cannabis has always been important to my family. I was taught at about at 12 about the medicinal properties of the lovely plant. For many years we had our own greenhouse, and turned our harvest into homemade infused butter. We used our butter for all kinds of goodies that went to those who needed them- cancer patients, people with neurological disorders and chronic pain- you name it, our candies helped. I personally became a huge advocate when cannabis saved my life.


When I tell people about my background and what I dealt with growing up, I often get confused looks. I’m usually asked, “How are you doing so well mentally?”, and it all really draws back to cannabis. When I was in high school, I hit a very dark time in my life, as most do, and struggled with an eating disorder and self harm. I ended up hurting myself very badly, and had to go to a hospital. Due to the nature of my injury, I was placed in a mental ward where they diagnosed me with chronic depression and anxiety. I got home on Christmas Eve. 


The psychiatrist prescribed me an antidepressant, and my family, knowing that we have, historically, had problems with medications such as these, suggested I start using cannabis instead. It took some time to rebuild my sanity, but cannabis allowed me to think differently and view my life in a whole new light. It helped me realize that happiness isn’t found, but is entirely in the perspective that you view the world. Honestly, I have no idea what kind of person I would be without it. Cannabis truly saved my life. 


I know that people outside of the stoner community may not be aware of how much cannabis really helps people, or maybe just think that it’s a big lie so people can just buy and use it legally, but I want to spread the word. I want people to know that you don’t have to get high to receive the medical benefits, and that it’s not necessarily the stereotypical “drug” that it’s made out to be. Sure, it can be fun, but it also has properties that have saved lives, including mine.


I found out about 420 Nurses almost a year ago and have been an intern for a few months. It has been an amazing experience so far. I have met so many awesome people and had the opportunity to experience awesome things. I am hoping to use my presence on the platform to build awareness and educate the public about medicinal cannabis use. I hope I can help save someone’s else’s life one day.

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