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Magazine Cover Girl 3RD

Why I should be the cover Girl

First thank you for this opportunity. I'm excited. Ita definitely a unique opportunity. Especially for someone like me..

I think being a cover model for Lifestyle magazine would be not only an honor, but it could help launch me into another direction as a female cannabis advocate and professional. My mission is to remind people of the traditional more therapeutic uses of cannabis through education and even in certain ceremony. It is also my hope to normalize women using cannabis - for healing, growing, consuming, and in professional settings too. Cannabis use and legalization still falls into a gray area in New Mexico, eventhough recently our state succeeded in obtaining a recreational status, we still have a lot of work to do. I hope exposure like this will help my voice become heard and along with other women we can become the foundation in this rising Cannabis industry in New Mexico. I hope exposure and an opportunity like this will educate people about the mission behind 420Nurses, about my mission and dedication to the cannabis community and now that we have the opportunity to do so legally,, I hope this can help me build an incredible Cannabis community within my own city. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Santa Fe, New Mexico 

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