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Why I should be the cover Girl


     My name is Alicia but most people call me Tiny. I'm 24 and a scorpio. I am a legal midget (4’10) I am from the Bay Area, San Jose. I now live in Merced and am in Sacramento a lot. I have three doggies and a baby girl. Go canna-moms! I am a college student. I want to work as a mortician and librarian, as well as everything I do now. I have worked in the cannabis industry since 2016. I started working for cannabis delivery services as a driver. Then I worked as a budtender in a dispensary. Now I am proud to be a part of 420 Nurses: 209 Deathstar Chapter, modeling!

   I love cannabis from the bottom of my heart and lungs! Cannabis has helped me so much in life. Also it has brought me closer to people. The cannabis community is a wonderful place to be!

    I have been poly all of my life. I feel like myself when I date multiple people. Three other people is my happy number in polyamory. I realized I was different at a young age. I am also pansexual. I fall in love with people for their personality, not their gender. I enjoy my lifestyle.


interesting fact about me... my legs were bowed so much before corrective surgeries I could fit a basketball between them!!!

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