June 13, 2019 08:00 PM - 11:59 PM
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420Nurses Haze Social Lounge

MUST RSVP BY 7:00PM On Thursday

EVENT HOURS: Thursday 8PM - 12AM

420 lounge opening in the san fernando valley 21+ NO REC Required

RSVP for more details

HOW TO GET ON THE 420Nurseds Guest LIST?

Three simple steps
1. RSVP to this casting call right now
2. Wear your nurse gear tonight at the event to be on the list and finally
3. re- post the most recent flyer from Instagram page and tag @haze_sociallounge so you dont pay $10

If you do not complete steps 1-3 you will have to pay $10 at the door NO EXCUSES

MAKE MONEY - sell your 420Nurses review
NETWORK - Take pictures with the exhibitors, attendees, models and photographers get shout outs gain followers and grow your network!
VOLUNTEER - Dab tend, host, Meet & Greet
BRING A FRIEND(s) - What a better time to hang out with your friends so invite them to join you and dance, dab the night away!

We are looking for volunteers to help us with games, hosting, on the mic shout outs, photographers, socialNetworkers!! Let us know what you are interested in how you want to be included in the event!! GOALS for interns
WORK ON YOUR 8 business reviews

How to become an Intern? https://store.420nurses.com/modeling/starter-kit-for-intern-models.html/
1- Create your profile on 420nurses.com
2- Get your intern kit

How to become a 420Nurse official Photographer? https://store.420nurses.com/photography/photographer-kit.html
1- Create your profile on 420nurses.com
2- Get your Photographer kit

Cant make it to this event because it is too far? Start your own chapter represent your city or state?
1- Create your profile on 420nurses.com
2- Get your Chapter kit

Questions Comments DM or
CALL 818-835-0990

TICKETS: Guest and Vendors

Haze Lounge hosted you the 420nurses so dress to impress and bring your good vibes!!!

Suggestive attire: RAVE + Face Jewels
ELECTRIFIED DAISY OVERALLS https://store.420nurses.com/electrified-daisy-overalls.html or
ELECTRIFIED DAISY OVERALLS https://store.420nurses.com/electrified-daisy-overalls.html
FACE JEWELS: https://store.420nurses.com/accessories/jewelry.html

Wanna shop at the 420Nurses Boutique instead of ordering online?
OPEN 10-10pm
7029 Topanga Cyn
Canoga Park CA 91303