February 21, 2019 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM
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Its that time of the month lol
Chapter meeting time!!
Get your cutest 420nurse Valentines Day Inspired outfits on , grab your friends and head to the boutique!!

This meeting stands as our monthly checkin for updates, upcoming events, plans announcements and more

We are wanting to upgrade and congratulate alot more official interns this year so please start working on your business reviews this month , and ask what you can do to become OFFICIAL!!!

If you are already an official intern, your job is not done, you are making your way to having the official 420nurse title!!
keep up your hard work!!!

Lets show LOVE to eachother at this meeting,
Bring something to smoke, and to eat to share with your friends
we will have a small POTluck area (pun intended ;) )
so bring your favorite dish or maybe just some munchies

Things to bring:
List of ideas for the month
Laptop(if you have)
420nurse outfit change (in case of photos)
nurse hat
favorite pipe or bong

Are you making money with 420nurses?
Have you made back your investment in your intern kit?
Are you growing on social media?
Have you met your goal from last month?

Lets work on this this month

Meeting schedule:
2:00 - meetup time
2:30 - DAB from sponsor (to be announed)
3:00 - blog about the month updates
3:30 - group photo /individual photos
4:00 -meeting time
4:20 - quick smoke break
5:00 - meeting wrap up /last pix/ sesh
6:00 - meeting ends!!! you dont have to leave but you cant stay here ;) lol
well the boutique is open so you can, but you get the point hehe

see you beautiful ladies here
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I'll be there after 4pm