December 16, 2018 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
las vegas
United States

Twice a Month the Las Vegas Chapter will be Hosting our Company Chapter Meet up / Mini Shoot

BRING A FRIEND that also wants to jOIN the NETWORK!! Sponsored by Hemper Meds!!

We Welcome ALL LADIES 18+ join our FREE 420nurses Las Vegas Chapter MEET UP

1:00 PM - CHECK IN
1:30 PM - INTRO/Pass Out Company Expection/Release Forms Packet
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM NETWORK- First come first serve MINI SHOOT
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Presentation
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM RAFFLE + GROUP PIX

Nuclear Dabs
Shatter Buzz
GanjaGlam Studios
More to announce!!

President - Blue Dream
VP - LaLa
Secretary - Dreamy Starr
Director - Ms. Charms
Assistant director - Infamous
Official Recruiter - StonerPrincess

Positions we need to FILL:

Marketing Director -
Assistant Secretary
Photographer -
Assistant Photographer -
Make Up Artist -

Become part of our network!!
I’m Interested! How do I become a 420Nurse INTERN?
1. Create a profile on 420Nurses.com (Your profile is like your resume)
2. Look into Intern Starter Kit includes (420Nurse Hat, Tank Tops, Business Cards, Bag)
3. Promote yourself online, at events, with pictures & more

Intern Starter KIT Only $80 and includes
• 1 pc Nurse Hat
• 1 pc Tote Bag
• 3 pc Tanktops
• 8 pc 5 Star review Stickers
• 1000 Business Cards


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Being part of the online 420Nurses.com + Social Networks
• Always keep your profile fresh and active rocking your 420Nurses gear. Keep current photo sets, blogs, and stay up to date on messages and friend requests.

• Create an Instagram or Facebook account just for 420Nurses(Unless you don’t mind using your personal for the 420Nurses, either one will work as long as we promote the 420Nurses Smile

Benefits Become an INTERN
• Featured Member on 420Nurses.com
* Receive 420Nurses Award winning Apparel
• Set on top of the Gig ROSTER Paid Gigs
• Affiliated Partner through STORE.420NURSES.COM Earn 20% Commission on all products sold
• Access to Photo-shoots, Events +
• Your Profile will be Upgraded to INTERN
• Be part of 420Nurses.com Magazines, Stickers , Posters & More!
• Eligible to Be Voted to Become Offical 420Nurse and Available Positions
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