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420nurse Fall/ Autumn style photos
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420nurse Fall/ Autumn style photos

Thursday, September 14, 2017 4:19 pm
United States
Fall is a fantastic time to experiment and try new photoshoot ideas. The weather is bearable and we seem to have more time as the summer winds down and we haven’t quite hit the Holiday rush. Let’s look at a few fall photoshoot ideas to get things rolling.

This casting call is not dated
stay tuned for local casting calls specific to themes
this casting call's purpose is to inspire each of us to take more pictures

Relive your childhood by playing in a pile of leaves
Farms are perfect backdrops for a fall style photoshoot You’ve got the barn, tractors, horses, bales of hay and so on. To top it off, wear some cowboy boots!
Use pumpkins for ideal october style pics, not only pumpkins but use squash, apples, & more for a fun sexy style shoot. be creative
Lean against some old wood or a fence, rustic pictures give more a of a fall vibe

Incorporate your 420nurse gear in your photos so you can be featured.

Use this blog as your inspiration, and set up your next photoshoot today
You will love taking the time to find props, feel out the theme, dress up and get to shooting,
If you dont have a photographer to collaborate with, Look up official photographers here on, or simply start with self photos/ self timed images.

Cant wait to see what all you lovely ladies come up with! Lets create more content for ourselves, and grow our portfolios daily!!