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photoshoot meetup
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photoshoot meetup

Monday, August 14, 2017 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
420nurses HQ
United States
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any interested females 18+ welcome

Coming in as a newcomer to 420nurses, or being a new model in front of the camera can seem a little frightening at first, but together we can accomplish anything in a fun, friendly 420 environment.

Thanks to 420nurses for providing the headquarters space for us to come together ,
I can shoot 2-3 new models interested in 420nurses on the set date and time of this casting call
Please RSVP and message me to confirm you will be attending

I am a 420 model and photographer for 420nurses and i love to help girls get started with our company, and get comfortable behind the camera.

On this date i would like to have a photoshoot workshop
There will be 2 photo backdrop settings that we will be working with
I would like to shoot versatile looks mixed with 420nurses gear
I will have 2 other 420nurses with me to assist with coaching, adjustments, etc.

bring 2 different looks that YOU like
mix with 420nurses gear (if you dont have any select items will be available to purchase; or try on; for photos)
always bring a pair of heels to a shoot!

Makeup:Full Glam
(google that)

Props: smoking materials,
maybe something that you love
(for example: video game controller&a few games, comic books, makeup box, hula hoop, beach ball and towel,)
BE CREATIVE , but dont stress, sometimes a pair of blue jeans and a simple white tee is just perfect!

3:00pm: checkin
3:15pm: first model
3:30pm: second model
3:45pm: third model
4:00pm: break & orientation/outfit change
4:20pm group pic & smoke
4:30pm first model
4:45pm second model
5:00pm third model

(if you are a current active 420nurses intern or official and wish to participate, we can set up a day just for you & your recruits to come in)