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Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 June 2012 5:25pm

Location: SRH Clothing ▸
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Country: United States
State / Province: California
City: Vista
Zip: 92081
Street: 2826 La Mirada Drive, Suite B,
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SRH Productions began in 1991 putting on punk rock shows in the Mission Beach area of San Diego. Today, SRH is a leading manufacturer and distributor of young mens and juniors clothing and accessories for those who “rule the underground.” From its inception, SRH has led the charge when it comes to pushing boundaries. Whether putting on shows for bands like Pennywise, Offspring, Sublime, etc. in the early 1990’s, or supporting athletes who were innovative in their sport, SRH has always shattered the norm. SRH products are sold throughout the United States and internationally.