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posted by Mommakush420 on December 14 @ 3:36pm
posted by Summer Rain on December 12 @ 3:54pm
the new hangout spot!!!!!
posted by lillystonedbunny on December 10 @ 4:56pm
There booth is very eye catching and there products definitely top notch.
posted by lillystonedbunny on December 8 @ 5:04pm
Corrupt cook_es is One of the finest at these Las Vegas events Please stop by her booth to give them a taste
posted by BlueDream on December 8 @ 4:19pm
Not only are they super friendly . They have the best price & quality Bangers , thermals, flat top , core reactor. Catch them @Vegaspopupparties @highrollersesh @702greenranch
posted by Acinonyx rex on December 4 @ 5:01pm
I give Arinicare gel a five star review because I have been using Arnicar gel for years with great effect. It is a fantastic pain reliever, while also getting rid bruising when put on in multiple layers over a couple of days. I couldn't believe my eyes but the bruising disappeared on my skin return to before the injury and I was lacking in pain. This product has no marijuana content in it at all, but it is a great homeopathic item to have around the house.
posted by Acinonyx rex on December 4 @ 4:34pm
I give Curavape five stars since they are a legitimate helpful company. They make a product that is strictly CBD. This helps all kinds of internal and external ailments. Curavape not only tastes great and smells wonderful, but it does what it claims to. How many companies can say that?
posted by Miss Tokahontas on December 4 @ 2:05pm
One of my favorite places to get medicated, have an amazing time, and hang out with some amazing people. We've needed something like this in the area for so long I'm so honored to be a member!
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posted by ChaChaVaVoom on December 3 @ 10:25pm
Love the stoner Cafe, Good vibes, good times , Hightimes hosted by the 420nurses
posted by TinyTune on November 27 @ 4:36am
Love all the products this company brings to the party every time!!! Always has the best deals from Cali to Vegas
posted by BunnyT on November 27 @ 3:34am
I love the bond we share as a chapter there is nothing like the love from our girls!!! They friendly and always welcoming!! I can't wait fir our future!!
posted by Ladiiganja808 on November 22 @ 1:04am
Beautiful loving caring women!!!!! Super awesome to know all of the 420nursessincitychapter!!!!! You'll learn to love em without a doubt!!!!
posted by TinyTune on November 22 @ 12:59am
I looooove those Nice,Clean,Girls!!! Check them out if its a sesh, event or for your next photoshoot its these Classy Ladies you want!!! Holding it down for the city of Las Vegas!!!
posted by Miss_j_mendoza on November 22 @ 12:56am
I love the sisterhood and three passion everyone has for the Las Vegas community and industry ♡
posted by LurrenLures on November 21 @ 7:36pm
If you live here or visit here, this shop is a must stop! They will definitely have every thing your looking for and MORE!
posted by KandyKush on November 21 @ 4:15pm
One of my favorite companies! Always 1st choice
posted by Ganja_queen559 on November 21 @ 3:41am
posted by Sexysookie420 on November 19 @ 12:50am
I Love Cali connections extracts, its so terpy an smoothe ! Their gear is quality fabric! The sweater that I got is so comfy and warm!!! Thank you so much !!
posted by ChynaMarie on November 17 @ 10:51pm
Super excited to see what the future holds for this amazing chapter of ladies blessed to be apart of this chapter
posted by GanjaMomma on November 17 @ 2:06am
Every TUESDAY ITS GOING DOWN IN FRESNO from 6 to 9pm @the559pizzasesh ߎ don't miss out PURCHASE YOUR WRISTBANDS For free dabs & Medicated Pizza WHERE YOU AT FRESNO?! I know where I'm going to be! DM @Ganjamomma_ Via INSTAGRAM
posted by GanjaMomma on November 17 @ 1:44am
Tried lemon tree and loved it!! Thank you gold member!
posted by GanjaMomma on November 17 @ 1:42am
Dooe ass sesh!! Such amazing deals & Great people!
posted by ChynaMarie on November 11 @ 1:30pm
NV Gardens is nice, friendly and very informative their products will speak for itself I love that they carry different products for you to chose from. They will let you know about the product and how they make it or grow it, always a great trip when visiting with Ant or Joe down at NV Gardens in Las Vegas NV.
posted by Miss Tokahontas on October 24 @ 2:26pm
Shoutout to EVERYONE here working their booties off and making this company AMAZING
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posted by Rain Rose on October 20 @ 6:59pm
*PERSONAL NOTE TO EL JEFE: I would like to take a moment to express how much I greatly appreciate you and all of your consideration, cooperation, generosity, patience, time, effort, love, support, encouragement, and trust. All that of which you bestowed upon me, while granting me the cosmic opportunity to write this humble, and informative review for your company/product(s). Thank You Very Much and Kindly!* I have had the honor, the pleasure and the privilege, to meet, greet, and interv...
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