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Müv Dispensary

Welcome to MÃœV Medical Cannabis Dispensary: Where Florida Medical Marijuana Patients Shop for the Best Cannabis Products on the Market

June 27, 2021 03:59 PM

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Welcome to MÃœV Medical Cannabis Dispensary: Where Florida Medical Marijuana Patients Shop for the Best Cannabis Products on the Market
What Can We Help You Find? Type here...  The Science Of Medical Cannabis MÜV cannabis products are created with a cornerstone of scientific Research and Development. The AltMed Florida R&D team is led by PHD Scientists passionate about studying the effects of cannabis and progressing our understanding of cannabis as medicine. This team is comprised of experts on the various chemical compounds found in cannabis, including a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. In conjunction with valuable feedback from both patients and doctors, AltMed Florida will continue to perfect and advance MÜV’s portfolio of pharmaceutical-grade products. Applying the same standards as our patent-pending encapsulation technology used in the 72-hour transdermal patch, the possibilities and our determination are endless. Cultivating The Perfect Medicine, One Plant At A Time The AltMed Florida Cultivation Team is comprised of an accomplished group of Horticulturists and Plant Scientists. This talent pool represents four generations of professional Florida Cultivators and a wide-spanning knowledge base. MÜV cannabis grow operations will soon span 200,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art indoor facilities in Apollo Beach, FL. Our crops are produced with pharmaceutical precision in creating the highest quality flowers on the market. Also, each strain of cannabis is meticulously grown without the use of harmful pesticides or plant growth regulators. MÜV utilizes an award-winning, proprietary cold ethanol extraction method to produce concentrates and oils. These extracts are the primary building blocks of our product line. Finally, all MÜV products face rigorous internal and third-party testing before going to market. Florida map Committed To Florida's Economic Growth AltMed Florida takes great pride in creating jobs and supporting our local communities. Since opening our first Florida dispensary in 2018, the MÜV family has added hundreds of new careers to the Florida workforce. These exciting job opportunities are available in the fields of retail, sales, cultivation, lab, operations, and more. As the number of MÜV cannabis dispensaries continues to rapidly grow, so will the MÜV family. We will add hundreds more jobs in Florida by the end of 2020. Supporting Community And Causes MÜV is committed to supporting our patient community and we are honored to be a part of local neighborhoods throughout Florida. In addition to creating jobs, we are also determined and committed to fight the illnesses that plague our patient community. MÜV is involved in charities throughout Florida, including Josh Provides and A Life Story Foundation, Payton Wright Foundation and Children's Cancer Center , to name a few. These programs raise both funds and awareness for those diagnosed with Epilepsy, ALS, and Cancer, conditions that personally affect the AltMed family and our communities. In addition, Plants of Ruskin has chaired educational endowments through the University of Florida. With these initiatives, they are proud to support ongoing agricultural research projects. As we move into new neighborhoods, we will continue to support the patient communities in a tireless effort to improve patient quality of life.