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Caviar Gold Naturals

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December 29, 2018 04:24 PM

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Healthy Living Naturally
Mike Brunson was never a believer in the medicinal benefits of hemp, until he tried it for himself. A friend offered him a hemp isolate dab to relieve a headache, and found that it was immediately effective. He then started trying out different kinds of hemp products for medicinal benefits. Caviar Gold has now branched out from being the #1 cannabis brand in America, and using the same technology from the cannabis world, brings the hemp world the strongest CBD products available. Caviar Gold Natural’s patent pending infusion process uses 120 different plant & root oils to infuse with hemp oil to breed stronger hemp plants. The same relief and quality Caviar Gold has been providing to consumers for 10 years are now available without THC, in the form of Cavi-Doobies! These prerolls are a therapeutic mixture of Gotu Kola infused with an all-natural distillate. Since they are derived from hemp, Cavi-Doobies are cannabis free and completely legal to ship worldwide! Cavi-Doobies can be enjoyed in six naturally derived fl avors: Original, Apple, Grape, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Vanilla. Mike has also found that he can use hemp to treat arthritis in his knee. He uses CaviCream to feel relief within 10 minutes of application and feels that it provides long lasting benefits. CaviCream’s exclusive healing complex combines cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter and organic essential oils with pure distillate to help soothe and heal muscle cramps, arthritis joint pain, menstrual cramps, headaches and can be used to relieve symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, rashes, insect bites, poison ivy, athlete’s foot, warts, and minor wounds and burns. It is available in either 100mg or 200mg. Cavi Tea is a patent pending therapeutic mixture comprised of Gotu Kola and pure CBD distillate. Cavi Tea uses this powerful duo to deliver mental stimulation as well as relief from physical and mental ailments. Gotu Kola is most known for being taken in the form of tea. Gotu Kola is an herb that is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. Gotu Kola is used to treat bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections such as urinary tract infection, the common cold, and influenza. Gotu kola is also used for fatigue, anxiety, depression, psychiatric disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and improving memory and intelligence. Other uses include wound healing, trauma, and circulation problems including varicose veins, and blood clots in the legs. Gotu Kola contains certain chemicals that seem to decrease inflammation and blood pressure in veins, and also seems to increase collagen production, which is important for wound healing. This makes it the perfect addition to your hemp supplement. Caviar Gold Naturals pledge to help provide hemp supplements for every special needs child in America for only 10% of the regular cost. Through their Help the Kids Program, just 50 cents a day can provide special needs children a monthly shipment of hemp supplements. For caregivers interested in enrolling into the program, they can email [email protected] for information. They will do a home visit, and help set up the supplement program on a child to child basis, and then begin monthly home shipments. Mike and his team take pride in giving back to the community. This Christmas, they sent 1,200 gifts to their customers just to say Thank You. Over the last 4 years, the Caviar Gold cannabis brand has given 440 million milligrams of cannabis for free to those in need, and they plan to provide the same system for the hemp products. The motto Mike stands by with Caviar Gold is “We do what we say and we say what we do!” He believes that being a trustworthy, dependable brand is the key to success and will open doors, providing more opportunities to help people. You can visit caviargoldnaturals.com to browse all the hemp products Caviar Gold Naturals has to offer.