by on November 16, 2018
Yesterday I got to attend my first chapter meeting, I met some new girls and saw a lot of dedicated loyal familiar faces. Ive never been part of such an amazing community, women empowering women..its so beautiful and what chacha and summer are creating for us all is absolutely beyond amazing, I hope that every women gets the opportunity to feel as great as we all do because of all the love and support from the 420 Nurses community.
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by on November 12, 2018
I absolutely love being here in La apart of the 420 Nurses, I came from Modesto where life wasn't this well consistent. Ive been on my own since 18 and my parents have been homeless for years.. needless to say I felt pretty alone, I used marajuana around this time to help keep those negative thoughts like, constantly wondering if my parents were okay ... away, I tried so hard to stay focused on me and my future... I put myself though beauty school at 18 as soon as I graduated from highschool, I...
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