by on February 20, 2020
It's not easy to create a group then chapter. It's fun and challenging but definitely not without trials and tribulations. I have met the best models to be in my group at the events I go to. Well, none of those events are where I live because it sucks where I live! In the past, I have directed ladies to the other chapters but that is not the same as being with the persons that I have met and cultivated a little relationship with. That is why I created my group to be more of a traveling band of g...
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by on January 7, 2020
I am currently working on find a Home Building and Having my Girls gain their Intern Kits as I finally start my Chapter. I will be looking at other Building as I apply to my Building/Business Permit. Hoping to have the Building some time this year.    Will be keeping my Blog Updated as I build 
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