by on December 31, 2020
Let me just say, I love 420 nurses. I have been in the nurses since 2016, but I really can say it feels like I grow in every way with these girls just by spending time with them. I'm overwhelmed by the love and suport I feel from them which is important as its most of my social communication now that I'm in recovery. For a recap- my ex fiance; in July the vice president of my chapter hit me in the face so hard I now have brain damage.Since then, I have been runnng my chapter - the Sillicon Valle...
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by on December 30, 2020
Last night I was able to attend the National Chapters meeting on behalf of the Sillicon Valley Chapter. It was nothing short of beautiful. We all connected on levels that I'm not going to put out there, but it was beautiful. I teared up a little. I need to advocate harder because I didn't even know that so many of us were going through the same things. It really went to my heart. So many strong women. I'm proud to be a part of this community. So happy to belong with the 420 nurses.
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by on September 22, 2020
Hey guys! So tonight I wanted to talk about innovation and entrepreneurship in the cannabis community. As a stoner, I believe in working smarter and not harder. Why waste unnecessary energy on tasks when I could sit and relax instead? This is a similar mindset of most people in the entrepreneurial world as well. Taking current world events and job popularity into consideration, there is a lot that entrepreneurs today have to do to make a name for themselves. Working smarter, leads to more ...
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