by on September 16, 2020
Today was an overall crazy day for the nurses in sincity chapter and we may have stumbled across a bump in the road, but nothing we can't handle. We are strong and pull though together! I hosted my first terp Tuesday at my place and I ordered all the girls pizza. I really enjoyed my time with them and we covered a lot  of business that was definitely needed. As a team that's really important. We are really excited to see our chapter grow, We have an amazing team so far, and I can't wait to see h...
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by on September 15, 2020
So I'm a little late but I'm happy to announce that I passed my 30 day pledge period an became an intern for the 420nurses Sin City chapter on September 1, 2020. It's crazy to think that the same time last year I was just a patient on the website. It's only been a short amount of time and I have accomplished so much! I can't wait to see what this chapter will bring for my future. Also I can't wait to see how many ladies Join us❣️
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by on September 14, 2020
Hi i'm Tyra i'm here to get more into modeling and meet other girls and become more outgoing. I'm looking forward to growing futher with this company.
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by on September 11, 2020
Hello Friends!!   I am looking to network and possibly model in the beautiful cannabis industry! I enjoy growing and trimming cannabis as well. My experience is mainly with outdoor seasonal grows. I study herbal medicine and am looking to create herbal tinctures with cannabis and other magical healing gifts from the earth. My availablity is mainly on fridays and saturday. ...
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by on September 11, 2020
How to create your custom short url link Sign up for FREE!! freemium social media reference landing page! Connect audiences to all of your content with just one link! ...
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by on September 10, 2020
Holy moly i have so many lined up its blowing my mind. i have 4 lined up with different photographers, themes, and models. ...
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by on September 9, 2020
Okay I will try to make this as short as possible, when I first joined the 420nurse family it was to help me get my confidence back up and to help me meet and interact with new people who will truly care about me. I'll start with I was in a 5 year fucked up relationship.. the very beginning he accused me.of so many things that I could never even think of doing to anyone else, and if you know me then you know I am literally so sweet and it legit hurts me to be mean to other people, anyways I let ...
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by on September 5, 2020
Last night was a amazing experience I got to meet new people like Legal Lean, got to see amazing friends like Chef Dabs, even got to experience all the achievements that the cannabis community received. It was a truly amazing experience and I'm beyond honored we where able to make it. I definitely recommend if you can make it to the next one to go!!
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by on September 3, 2020
tonight is the pre party for the cannabis awards. im pretty excited.  my friend brittany will be going with me and i might possibly bring my dog to protect us walking to and from my car. ...
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by on September 1, 2020
New events are popping up and you will be seeing me around.  i dont ever smoke with anyone and wear my mask even though i may look a bit crazy its nice to talk to humans. ive been slacking on the gym trying to make extra cash hustling on the side but ill be back on to it. ...
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by on August 28, 2020
i went out to an event last night  i was kinda nervous but i just did my part wore my mask and smoked me own stuff with my own devices.  i was offered so many times to smoke i miss smoking with everyone but i just don't want to risk it. ...
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by on August 27, 2020
If you go check out the events there is a street life event tonight at 420-710  in las vegas  hope to see yall there.  ...
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