by on July 26, 2022
High guys! What's up my names Mary a little bit about me is one I smoke like a grown man and I'm from New York but i'm based out of los angeles as of now. I absolutely adore the cannabis community and when I went to kushstock, the 420Nurses asked me to be apart of there network. I just couldn't resist. The vibes are immaculate and the environment is super welcoming, nonjudgmental and filled with amazing beautiful girls, I mean who would say no! I've been working with them for a few months now an...
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by on July 12, 2022
Hey guys, what's up! I'm Mary and I wanted to explain why I'd be a good candidate to work at the 420nurses boutique. First I see myself as a glass connoisseur and I already have a good amount of knowledge on things surrounding glass, bongs etc. I'm really good with disposable vapes & like a wide variety of flavors and would be able to help our customers. I know my way around the store because I already spend a lot of time at the boutique shopping around for the cute & comfy clothes that I can we...
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by on July 12, 2022
If I have it in my mouth what shape does my mouth take form of - all wrong answers is 420 nurses muah 💋😘
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by on July 10, 2022
     Today I was able to make it to the monthly Swap Not Shop DTLA event, hosted by Vicky, at the First Draft Taproom & Kitchen - DTLA.Which is a wing and burger restaurant and brewery, I did not purchase any food this time because I checked it out alone. Next month I'd like to go with some friends and make it a lunch swap day!!! The food looked and smelled AMAZING and it was happy hour so the wings were A DOLLAR EACH!!! What a great deal!!! Swap Not Shop DTLA is a small gathering hosted by Vick...
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by on June 27, 2022
When I first heard about Kai extension I knew I wanted to get them done. Not because they were the thing to do but because i thought they were going to make my morning routine easier. And let me tell you I was right! My friend Renae got certified as an aesthetition then got certified to do lashes so I decided to go to her since I know and trust her. I laid on the bed for two hours (I was one of the first people she ever did lashes on) and listened to the music she was playing, talked about life ...
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by on May 23, 2022
     This Past Weekend 5/15/22 I went to Green Street Festival, my brothers Jake, and Jiv had built the booth for #goodtree. They did an amazing job. It was hands down the most beautifully represented booth area!!! I also enjoyed the event with my friend from Cannapolitan Magazine. It was sooo much FUNNN!!! I missed MMJ events!!! They were giving out so much swag, I won't be able to list every vendor, but if you check out the article you can see everyone who participated.  (https://cannapolit...
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by on May 23, 2022
On Thursday I was looking through Eventbrite for free shows for the weekend, (Thank God shows are back!!!)  when I happened to stumble upon a free massage!!! It was a free scalp massage, provided by Pure Skin & Scalp Wellness. While going to open the event I thought to myself, I wonder what's the catch... So I dig further to find out the details because I could really use this opportunity. I read the information and I called the Studio to find out, it is in fact, a free treatment  by appointment...
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by on April 26, 2022
  Shout out to my girrrrls..I don't write blogs so I hope this is allowed   ...
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by on April 18, 2022
Hey y'all for those of you who do not know me I go by the name Amber Poundz it's a long story but it's a good name 🤩  I'm Cali grown gone Texan but moved back home to be with family in 2019.   I like to say life's a trip enjoy the ride, I've truly been through so much lately that it's giving me mental breakdowns and God is so good that he gave me a new family even though he took mine away.  The 420 nurses have given me something I lost when I moved back home in 2019, a sense of family....m...
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by on April 13, 2022
As a Product photographer, 420nurses has opened my eyes up to more Opportunities. There's more to take photos of then just product. 420nurses has Brought me out to my shell.
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by on April 13, 2022
After learning about the 420 nurses, and the great products they sale I wanted to learn more about them. After a few months of going there I asked how I can learn more about this awesome company. Now being part of this company it has opened me up new opportunities, and experiences. Great models. Great products. Amazing experiences 
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by on April 5, 2022
  Dap QTips Specialty, what are the 420Nurse DabTips ? Dirty Nail? Keep it Clean with 420Nurses® Dab Tips - Made of 100% cotton - Wooden Handle - 300 ct. ...
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