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Los Angeles Down Town Sound Studios Photo shoot

Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday to you all Smile

I wanted to share our Pictures of some of us, 420Nurses and Interns we did this Sunday over the Roof top of Downtown Sound Studios Smile

Today we Just release Our New Interns Pictures: Miss 420Ganja Yelena
She is one Smoking Hot Hot Intern, I was dazed by her eyes, beauty , personality and Skills. Yelena is so much Fun and she will be joining us to the Harvest Cup this Sunday 9/18/11 Smile. Come hang out with us at our Booth!!

I met Yelena at Hempcon in Los Angeles, It was instant connection with us! The whole weekend was very pleasant seeing her work at her booth Looking So Sexy!! Smile I was excited to learn that she also wanted to join the 420Nurses in our Fun Events, Fun Photoshoots and Wild Get Togethers Smile

I wasnt surprise when i heard that Our new Intern won The Best Orgasm Award that weekend in Hempcon !!

So proud of her!!

We will be releasing all of our sets 420Nurse Ashley, ChaCha (Me), Intern Mia and more to come from Yelena all throughout this whole week so please stay Tuned Smile Comment on our pictures!

It was an amazing Time smoking and sharing these beautiful moments with HOT SMOKING Girls that Love Ganja as much as I do !!

It made it even more of a special feeling being in the heart of Los Angeles in respect to 9/11 doing something beautiful we love in The Country We LOVE!

A bit about Downtown Studios:
Downtown Sound is located in center of Historic Downtown Los Angeles, California in the old Woolworth's building. The structure was built in 1885 and is now home to artists and small business. In the summer of 2010 producers Phillip Raves and Andrew Williams set sights on building a music production and recording facility. Starting from scratch (and with resources only from their day jobs) building and designing the center to maximize comfort and creative atmosphere. We built on the second floor in the section. We found the two hundred square foot walk in refrigerator and freezer lined with natural cork from the 1930s used to insulate was an excellent accoustasizing agent for what is now the isolated drum room. Downtown Sound is approxamtly 1,100square feet with a lounge area, control room, a large tracking room, a iso drum booth and iso guitar room.

Thank you so much to Downtown Sound Studios for Having the 420Nurses

Thank you to all the Models! It was a Pleasure and amazing thing working with you all and getting to know you all even better! I cant wait for another Smoking sesh like the one we had, Pizza was tasty and the Vaporizer hit the spot!

Thank you to Photographer J! Amazing!
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