Candis Miles
by on February 16, 2024

420/ IV XX / sensi-pins / DECRIMINALIZE IT -  a 420nurse_CandiKane Pinterest board

link: 420-iv-xx-sensi-pins-decriminalize-it

i tried to put every name for weed i could in the description for this board. what do you call it? let me know if i missed any
~♥~ bud/ smoooooke/ that stanky stuff/ weed/ cannabis/ marijuana/ mota/ mary jane/ pot/ grass/ reefer/ wacky tobaccy/ ganja/ sinsemilla/ trees/ flowers/ da bombbud/ cheeba/ tical/ herb/ herbage/ that sticky icky icky/ ooooo weeee ~♥~

quixotickane @

and prolly every site you have a page ;)


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