by on October 14, 2022

Hello eveyone, my  name is intern 420nurse Rubydabs. Many probably remember me but probably not because I had been in a mental health haitas for quite some time.  then I got pregnant and for those who do know me know I have recently lost 2 children less than a month apart. This year brought me so much hope and pain. I had hope and felt blessed because I was going to be a new mommy to a beautiful daughter. Pain because then the unexpected happened and I had a still birth then a month later my 17yr old gets shot all in a month's work. These losses I have experienced has taught me alot... one of the things it taught me is that my 420nurses girls have my back and got love for me, they've reached out expressed such kind words and demonstrated me so much support. to be honest I didn't even think they cared due to how much I never attend any meeting, events, or hang out for that matter ... but nah they do care they are here for you of you allow them to be and I will like to say that my experience with the 420nurses have all been positive ones. It also taught me that I need to go out more create more  beautiful meaningful memories cause we only have 1 life to live and we never know when our time is due... so because of this I want to ESCAPE INTO THE WOODS AND LIVE OUT LOUD .  I WANT TO HANG OUT ENJOY THE COMPANY OF OTHERS AND JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME WITH EVERYONE OR ANYONE. THANK YOU CHACHA SUMMER AND JIMMY FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOUVE EXTENDED MY WAY. AND ALSO THANK YOU FOR CREATING A SPACE FOR WOMEN LIKE ME TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES THROUGH CANNIBIS AND NETWORKING IT IS A TRULY A  BEAUTIFUL COMMUNITY . GLAD I STUMBLED ACROSS THE 420NURSE PAGE

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